Welcome to Fitalia fitness holidays
Fitalia offers bespoke fitness holidays based in spectacularly beautiful Puglia. This holiday provides you with an opportunity to become fitter whilst enjoying 4 star accommodation and comfort in a stunning and unique southern Italian 14th Century manor house (masseria).
If you want more from your holiday than just be lying by the pool. If you want adventure, fun and you want to keep active and test yourself whilst enjoying comfort, relaxation and high quality food then Fitalia is the holiday for you.
At Fitalia we have created a motivating and fun packed holiday. We believe that you can only get the full benefit of fitness if it stretches you (how much is always dependent on your level of fitness) and is enjoyable.
We are aware that when you decide to go on a fitness holiday you commit to a certain level of dedication and effort. But that does not mean that it cannot also be fun. For this reason, alongside the aerobics, running, circuit training and boxercise etc. you will have an opportunity to go horse-riding on the beach, snorkelling or scuba-diving in the Adriatic,* cycling through the local countryside, zip-lining from tree to tree and visiting the local wine museum.
To ensure you develop, the level of any activity must match your ability and your objectives. With that in mind each activity is tailored so that there will always be a level at which you will be able to perform and be effective.
To ensure that every guest can receive a high degree of personal care and attention from our trainers we keep the number of guests to a maximum of 12 per holiday.
We know that you will return from your holiday fitter and very likely a few kilos lighter. Most importantly you’ll feel reenergised and motivated to be fitter ever after.
In short what we offer you is an opportunity to enjoy Fitness, Fun and Adventure
These are the three main ingredients of our fitness holiday; add in the unique location and accommodation, and a big dollop of top class comfort and personal attention, and there you have it; the best of all worlds when it comes to a fitness holiday.